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The Running Pastor (@FerdieCabiling) and daughter, Elle

 I run for those who can™t, is the battle cry of Ferdie Cabiling, a.k.a the Running Pastor.
From Sep 5 Oct 26, 2015, Ferdie will run across the Philippines, running 50 kilometers a day, covering more than 2,200 kilometers, to celebrate his 50th birthday. He will be running from Sarangani at the southernmost tip of the Philippines and will end at the archipelago™s northernmost point, Aparri, completing this monumental journey over almost 50 days.

His goal: To raise P2.5 million pesos for the scholars of Real Life Foundation.

The Running Pastor was part of a team of runners that raised half-a-million pesos for Real LIFE Foundation while running the Bataan Death March Ultramarathon. He is now setting his sights to achieve a feat that will potentially transform the future of hundreds of young men and women the nation™s next generation. As a pastor for almost thirty years, Ferdie has committed himself to imparting a message of hope and promise to young students, having started his ministry as a campus leader and later on as youth pastor. He has mentored hundreds, if not thousands, of young people, preparing them live a life of excellence, integrity, and servant leadership in both the church and the marketplace.

RUN50 is a testament to his dedication to the youth and a belief that he has always live by: if you can make an impact on students™ lives, you can change the world.

Do you want to make an impact in the lives of 250 Real LIFE scholars? You can be a part of the Run across the Philippines by donating to Real LIFE Foundation today!

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