How to prepare for a race

Running a race specially a long run takes a serious preparation and training before the actual race. A day before the event, you should have ready and prepared all the necessary things you needed for the race. Here are some of the tips you need to do and prepare before the race.

  1. Set everything you will use ready and in-place like:
    • Shoes
    • Socks
    • Shirt
    • Short
    • GPS watch – Make sure you fully charge
    • Smartphone with running apps installed if you don’t have the GPS watch
    • Water bottle
    • Running belt
    • Sunglasses and visor
    • Carb Gel or Energy Gel
    • Athletic tape
    • and some extra money
  2. Eat and hydrate well. A night before the race, try to avoid eating high fiber foods but take foods high in carbohydrates to fuel up your long run.
  3. Sleep early. Getting more sleep helps you become a better and stronger runner.  Oh, don’t forget your alarm clock to make you wake-up early and on time.
  4. Wake-up Early.  Eat your breakfast with carbs and hydrate. Make sure you have enough calories to burn during the race. Leave early and anticipate your travel time and traffic to the event place.
  5. Bathroom Time. Surely you don’t want this to happen during the race. 😀
  6. Warm-upBefore the the flag-off or gun time, make sure your body and muscles are warmed-up well. This will help you enjoy you run and avoid you from getting unwanted injuries. You’ve spent weeks of training for this race and your goal is to finish the race without injuries, so make sure you’ll start and finish the race healthy and strong.
  7. Cool Down. Right after you crossed the finish line and some few photo ops with your medal. Don’t ever forget to do some stretching to cool down and relax your muscles back. This will help you lessen your body and muscle pain which every runner usually feels after every race.
  8. Post Race Meal. Celebrate and treat yourself with a bounty of appetizing foods. Time to fill those empty and hungry stomachs.
  9. Hydrate Well. Make sure you have replaced all those sweats during the run. You don’t want to feel dehydrated which can cause negative effects to your body.
  10. Recover. Take a nap or have a massage. Warm bath, eat and have a plenty of sleep.
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