SBR TriSeries 2017

Are you ready to level up your running career to multi-sports level? You must be fond of swimming or biking and running at the same time. This is your chance to prove and level-up your multi-sports talent by joining the SBR TriSeries 2017. SBS TriSeries offers a LITE category dedicated only for beginners.

What is the Tri Series?

The Tri Series is the ONLY race that is designed and organized for newbies and amateurs.  Whether you’re a newbie or a tri veteran “na nagbabalik-loob” and just wants to “enjoy” the sport, the distances of the Tri Series are designed to be challenging enough for the experienced athletes, yet still doable enough for the newbies. Now with the LITE category, the series opens another stepping stone to capture those who are still not ready yet to conquer the Tri Series FULL distances.

The Tri Series is open for everyone. There is NO CUT OFF TIME and literally all types of bikes are allowed. We will allow MTB’s, Folding Bikes, Road Bikes, and even your loved one’s hand-me-down bike, in short, you can use any bike that you have in your garage! What’s important for us is that we get you out there and start living an active lifestyle!

SBR TriSeries 2017SBR TriSeries 2017

Ready for this challenge?

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