Color Manila


What is Color Manila Run?

We in Color Manila encourages everyone to run, and to illustrate to non-runners how enjoyable the sport is. We bring out the real fun in the “fun” run, through a color festival.We are the paintbrushes, and You are the Paint. We carry the palette but You make your own Strokes. You become the human Canvas, We literally bring out your most energetic and happiest hue

You are the Color, the human Canvas. You are the bits and pieces of this kaleidoscope because life is not a competition. Rather, it is a race where you run at your own pace, where you throw high-fives to people, where you carry all the colors of your experiences. We make this as the most exciting fun run ever, that you’d want to do it over and over again. We want to give you that unique kaleidoscope experience every time!

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